Intellectual Property

Protect the intellectual property owned by your clients.

Trademarks, copyright, designs, plant breeder rights and patents are all assets which can be protected under an IP Insurance policy. Coverage ranging from $500,000 up to $100m for Defence and Enforcement can be sourced and all backed by Lloyd's of London security.

If a third party alleges its IP rights have been infringed, the policy indemnifies the insured for legal costs (and damages) associated with defending a claim.

If an insured’s IP has been infringed by a third party, the policy indemnifies against legal costs associated with enforcing those rights and costs associated with any counterclaims.

Contractual Agreements
The policy can also indemnify the insured for legal costs associated with enforcing or defending terms contained in contractual agreements such as Distribution/Licensing agreements relating to IP infringement.

Key Benefits of ROUM Intellectual Property Insurance

  • Legal costs to engage specialist legal representation
  • Damages awarded against (includes compensatory damages, past royalties, or account of profits)
  • Legal costs of third party (Adverse Costs)
  • Recall Costs (retrieval, withdrawal from sale, recovery for destruction as required or agreed

*see Product Information Document for full terms and conditions

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