Losses stemming from theft and certain types of fraud may not be covered by your clients’ property policies. Talk to us about crime cover.

Your clients can protect their businesses against criminal behaviour by a dishonest employee or third party. Crime cover can help reduce your clients’ vulnerability to direct losses stemming from theft and certain types of fraud. Traditionally, these losses are not covered commercial property policies.

Richard Oliver Underwriting Managers (ROUM) offers a Crime underwriting binder for WTW brokers. This is a facility underwritten by Chubb Insurance.

This is just one of many facilities ROUM has operated for over 30 years, characterised by efficient quoting and documentation turn around.

Here are some of the benefits of using the ROUM Crime binder:

  • Competitive terms
  • Cover uniquely tailored for clients
  • Wider cover than available in the open market
  • Prompt responses to quotes
  • Access to specialist advice

Along with Crime, ROUM has a number of other related products available, including Fidelity Guarantee and Employee Theft.

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